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From the hundreds of clients I deal with 90% of those who have previously purchased human growth hormone ( somatropin) over the internet or from a source have received fake hgh . This page is designed to help you identify and know the signs so as not to lose your money !!!!

Below I will show you ways to tell if your hgh is real. Ofcourse the easiest way is to purchase it from me as you can see my videos where I purchase direct from the pharmacy LEGALLY ! However for everyone out there who thinks they may have already been burnt . I advise you to cross reference all these different ways and then come to a conclusion.


Blood tests for IGF should be conducted before and 1-2 months after the beginning of usage.
HGH serum test should be done 2-4 hours post injection.
These tests can be faked by high quality methods nowadays such as using gh releasers ( cjc ghrp etc) and igf in place of real hgh. This would cause you to get a fake high value in the blood test. As well as some cortisone to simulate the water retention in hands and hgh fragment for hunger.
I don’t place too much emphasis on blood tests because they can be faked and its no indication of quality. Also absorption is different in everyone one person will use 1 iu and get an increase in serum by 1 point another by 4 points….
However it is a start.


Usually human growth hormone has some specific effects on people fat loss, looking younger, better sleep, crazy vivid dreams swollen or tight feeling hands. You should have some of these effects . If you are using a good fake it may have Chinese hgh or ghrp6/insulin/frag/cortisone. Which would fake some effects but generally there is no rule of thumb. One person may sleep 3 hours longer than usual whilst another may have vivid dreams. Whereas a 3 person may be starving or lose his appetite and have an overwhelming feeling of wellbeing.

Logical analysis

Price – There is no such thing as cheap hgh. Some countries are cheaper due to it being a low income country and some countries are expensive due to taxes. But generally hgh costs 8-10 dollars per iu in the pharmacy even in low cost countries plus whoever is selling it to you for profit.
Country of origin and country of purchase. Be wary of buying Italian norditropin from china for example. Also some countries eg Bulgaria manufacture tons of fakes for the whole world.
Who is the person selling it ? Are they a pharmacy ? Are they a doctor ? Do they have a script ? Or do they sell anything under the sun.


Packaging can be faked almost to perfection nowadays but thankfully you can still tell the originals from the fakes. Using photos that I have provided here . Or from the original manufacturers websites.
There are serial numbers and QR codes on packaging but these can be faked simply by buying an original pen and duplicating the serial number for a whole run . So even if you scan a QR code and it comes up good . Its no indication as maybe the qr code is on an original pen and has been printed 10,000 times on fake packages. SERIAL NUMBERS MUST BE DIFFERENT ON EACH PRODUCT. BATCH NUMBERS ARE THE SAME.
Also note that packaging and contents should have the same serial number and XP date (about 2 years) If the box says GX123456 and the pen says AB65432 its fake.
Generally speaking Yellow humatrope is the most faked hgh on the planet I would stay away from 99% of yellow humatrope. I have never seen fake omnitrope before thus there are no photos of omnitrope on this page . Genotropin is quite commonly faked and the fakes are quite good. I will provide some of the Genotropin pen fake photos below. Norditropin is often faked however the fakes are not advanced enough to pass the barcode scan so I have not put any photos of the fake norditropin.
I hope that using all this information you will be able to steer clear of any fakes . As I said before to be 100% sure please buy hgh from me !!!!

Fake Yellow Humatrope HGH

Yellow humatrope hgh has a huge flaw in the fact that the barcode is totally wrong. This is the most commonly faked hgh and it scans correct with the qr code program and even has almost identical packaging to the original. Sometimes the serials do not match however if the barcode looks like the fake one then forget it. Its really simple to identify
The real humatrope hgh has one single black tab with the serial and batch numbers . The fake has one white at the bottom and one black at the top.

New fakes have emerged with the black serial code. The original boxes all have a separate (21) code. The fake boxes are all printed with the same (21) code

Fake Genotropin HGH

The quality of these fakes are surreal. Thus I have provided a lot of photos so you can tell the difference.
Again price and non matching serial numbers are a huge giveaway.

The real box font is in capital letters. The fake one in smaller letters

The Real package has a much thinner purple line

Differences between fake qr code and real qr code. The real qr code is smaller .

There are both fakes and original boxes from both Belgium and Almanya so country of manufacture is no indication

The real mg on the packet are printed . The fake one has a sticker.

The sticker on the inset is lighter in the real packet. The fake one is darker.

Lastly the adjustment dial on the back of the pen is printed on the real pen. The fake pen has a sticker over it . I assume it is a 16iu pen that has had a sticker over it to look like its calibrated for a 36iu pen . So in essence it may be real but underdosed.





I hope all this has helped tremendously . Please bear in mind that some fakes may only have one mistake on the pen and the package is perfect. Others have many mistakes on the package but the pen is perfect !

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